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Career Services

My approach to career services consulting is to foremost listen to my clients. I assess what goals they seek and the challenges they face or fear. Then I provide customized guidance, strategies, and tools in career transition and search to help them achieve their objectives.


I cater to a diverse clientele including recent graduates, established professionals seeking new opportunities, clients investigating/transitioning into new career fields, and/or individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce. Although the ultimate goal of all job seekers is the same, the best path for each remains uniquely different.


What makes my perspective so distinct is that I have worked with employment from “both sides of the desk”: as a recruiter looking to hire and as a coach helping my clients to get hired. I gladly share that combined expertise to steward clients in their career success.

Human Resources

When smaller firms need to add to staff and do not have the manpower or experience to do so or large firms are experiencing overwhelming growth and could use an extra team member, I enlist to handle the recruitment, selection, and onboarding of one to one hundred new, qualified hires. In full collaboration with permanent staff members, I work to get the best candidates in the door as quickly and efficiently as possible.


I have vast experience in:

  • Assessing personnel needs

  • Creating posting content

  • Reviewing submitted applications

  • Choosing best candidates

  • Conducting preliminary telephone screens and primary face-to-face interviews

  • Performing reference checks

  • Managing all communications between hiring organization and candidate to ensure professional and legal handling of the employment process  

Specialties / Value Added Skills

Adding immediate value to personal marketability in career services or smart recruitment initiatives in HR.


Establishing and maintaining positive and productive client relationships.

  • As your Career Coach, you have a knowledgeable and loyal advocate in your employment search.

  • As your HR Consultant, you have an experienced professional who takes on your organizational objectives, policies, and procedures with a sincere dedication to connecting with the staff in total collaboration.


Working with a wide selection of international clients. Through a former employer, I received extensive training/orientation on understanding and interacting with candidates from many cultures and backgrounds. Although all these candidates held the similar goal of securing employment, it is important for a coach to understand and be respectful of diverse beliefs, traditions, and values. Respect is universal in my service delivery.

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Costs for services



Assessment: $150

Rewrite:  $450


Cover or Introduction Letter 

Assessment: $75

Rewrite: $150


LinkedIn Profile

Assessment: $125

Rewrite: $300


Interview Consultation and Preparation

Interview questionnaire and consultation process: $200

Phone Consultation 

 Search strategy, interview prep, salary negotiation, etc.: $90/hr 


Face-To-Face Consultation 

One 90 minute session: $150

   *Price subject to travel distance


Skills Assessment Tests (2) 

Includes 1 hr review: $175

Human Resource Consulting

With regard to HR consulting, fees are subject to scope of work and

duration of project and are agreed upon prior to the start of work. 

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