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Let's find your path.
Carol B. Martin
Founder and Principal

Over the span of 30 years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience working within and leading career consulting and human resource efforts across multiple industries. 


I love working with job seekers. It is my passion. They can feel excited, worried, frustrated, lost, or completely overwhelmed. I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve been the recent grad who struggled to find that first job. I’ve been unemployed. I’ve relocated – several times – and had to look for work in new markets. I left the job market and then re-entered. I’ve changed job fields. I take all of those life experiences and employ it to help others navigate their courses.

My expertise allows me to help clients:

  • Determine what kind of work (or business) would put a spring in their step.

  • Assist companies with talent acquisition strategy and execution.

  • Write a resume, craft a cover letter, or create intriguing LinkedIn content that stands out from the pile.

  • Learn how to network effectively to open doors.

  • Sell themselves correctly for the roles they are seeking.

  • Conduct a job search in a new geographical location.

  • Determine how and when to use social media for a job search.

  • Negotiate a better salary (for a new job or in a current one).

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